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Chiropractic Addison TX Ring Dinger

Your Dallas Chiropractor Dr. Ali Elahi is certified in administering the highly specialized technique, manual spinal neural Y-axis decompression or Ring Dinger, for patients suffering from bulged and/or herniated discs, vertebral subluxations, or various types of spine pain and dysfunction in Addison TX.

This non-surgical procedure has saved thousands of patients from undergoing invasive procedures like surgeries, injections, and using addictive pain medications. After Dr. Elahi has done a history and neurological and orthopedic examination, he will decide if the patient is a candidate for receiving this procedure.

This non-surgical chiropractic spinal decompression, carefully stretches the spine and takes pressure off the pinched nerves, herniated and injured spinal discs. Because of weight and gravity, the spine is in a constant state of compression, but this procedure will decompress the spine, and for most patients, this will be the first time in their lives that their spine will be in a state of decompression. Taking pressure off the spinal structures will help remove any interferences and promote healthy flow of water, nutrient-rich fluids and oxygen to the spinal discs.

See what manual spinal decompression can do for you in Addison TX!

Years of pain gone in one visit!

Dallas Chiropractor relieves 4 years of pain in one visit with spinal decompression

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